The McLaughlin Group television program is unscripted and unrehearsed. It is "live-to-tape" meaning that when the cameras start rolling they do not stop until the end of the show. The guests are invited to express their opinions and analysis. We believe that panelists with different positions across the political spectrum create insightful debate.

Each week the producers strive to assemble a diverse and informed panel with opinions across the political spectrum, thus creating insightful and lively debate. While balance is the goal, there are times when panelists from opposite sides may agree. This is sometimes seen as a lack of panelist balance whereas, in point of fact it reflects the independent judgment of the panelists on the merits of both sides of the issues.

We will continue to defend the right of individuals to express unpopular views. We avoid censorship in all forms. This does not mean that we will permit gratuitously offensive discourse.

No partisan rote. Intellectual honesty and argument merit are the touchstones of The McLaughlin Group.








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